Auston Matthews

NHL Player, 2022 MVP, 1st overall 2016 NHL Draft Pick

Auston is known to be one of the best players in the NHL. His talent coupled with his tireless work ethic and devotion to training and overall health & wellness is second to none.

Brandon Moreno

Two-time UFC Flyweight World Champion

Brandon is a warrior. Dubbed “The Assassin Baby,” he is a 2x UFC Flyweight world champion known for his impressive grappling skills and relentless fighting style. Moreno became the first Mexican-born fighter to win a UFC championship in 2021 and is one of MMA’s rising stars. His humility, resilience and world class attitude has captured the loyalty of fans across the globe.

Ashley Paulson

Professional Triathlete, Endurance Athlete and Badwater Ultramarathon Champion

Ashley is the Queen of endurance. Beneath the pink hair, glitter, and sparkles, there is a badASH athlete that will inspire you to overcome obstacles and have fun in the process. Ashley has completed 100+ marathons, 25+ Ironman triathlons, 6+ Ultra marathons, 4+ 100 Mile runs (all 1st place finishes) and is the female record holder at the Badwater 135, considered by many to be the toughest race in the world.

Rob Machado

Professional surfer, environmental activist

Rob is the definition of smooth. A flow master, his zen-like surfing style and deep connection to the ocean has made him a beloved icon in the world of surfing. Beyond becoming a legend of the sport, Rob's passion for environmental activism and philanthropy has also made him a true leader and inspiration to people around the world. Rob embodies cool with his easy going nature, positive attitude and laid back personality. 

Jessica Evans

Boxer, coach and fitness professional

Jess is a force to be reckoned with. Alchemizing adversity into advantage, she found boxing and Muay Thai in 2012 and has never looked back. As an amateur fighter, she won 3 state belts in her 52 kg weight division. As a FightCamp trainer and certified USA Boxing coach, Jess empowers us all to tap into the inner fighter within and overcome life’s obstacles.