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The guide you've been waiting for to explore cold water immersion, breathwork and heat therapy.

Featuring guided sessions and playlists, educational video courses, a vibrant community hub, and a unique blend of data tracking and accountability for a personalized path to better health.

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A bridge for those curious but hesitant about approaching cold water immersion, breath work and heat therapy in a safe, effective and inspiring manner.

An accelerator for the experienced practitioner who is looking to optimize their physiology and reach peak performance across all domains: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Harness the Elements for Optimal Health.

Cold Immersion

Cold Immersion

Embrace the cold to enhance your energy, boost your immune system and accelerate recovery.

Breath Work

Breath Work

Harness the power of your breath to reduce stress, regulate your mood and oxygenate your body.

Heat Therapy

Heat Therapy

Turn up the heat to improve cardiovascular health, aid with detoxification and increase circulation.

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A Vibrant Community Hub

You don't have to go at it alone. Friend power is stronger than willpower.

Join live virtual events and practice with other app users in real time.

Grow together and stay connected with a global community of like minded people.

Grounded in Science

Designed in collaboration with world renowned Neuroscientists and PhD’s, the App utilizes a science backed, practical approach to optimizing human performance. 

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"It's like having a personalized coach with you every day." - Todd

"My mental health has improved so much." - Jordan

"Obsessed. I don’t go a day without it." - Clayton

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Expert-Led Video Courses taught by the World’s Best

Dive beneath the surface to understand what is happening within your physiology. Explore mini-courses and topics to expand your knowledge, enhance your practice and elevate your performance.

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