The Edge Tub Legacy

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Our most affordable, lightest weight, and compact cold tub. With 0.8 HP, the tub cools down to 37 degrees within 5 hours. Our state of the art filtration and sanitation system keeps the water clean and ready to use 24/7. Our sturdy, inflatable design is built for permanent installation or portability. Set up and takedown is a breeze, taking less than 15 minutes. Available in our standard tub size.

Shipping in 1-2 business days!

*If you plan on using your Edge Tub outdoors, please note the chiller is not designed to work in below freezing conditions.

Easily pack up, transport and carry your tub
Double Action Hand Pump
Inflate your Tub in under 15 minutes
Insulated Cover
Keep out debris and maintain a consistent water temperature. Includes locking buckles as a child safety feature.
Hand Skimmer Net
Scoop out any floating debris
Initial Sanitizer Kit
Bromine-free, chlorine-free solution designed to keep water sparkling clear and sanitary, with no chlorine odor or dry skin. Kit includes: (1) 32oz bottle of Sirona Simply Oxidizer (1) 16oz bottle of Sirona Simply Sanitizer (1) 25 pack of Test Strips (1) Measuring spoon (4) 20 micron water filters

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We ship to Canada and Mexico for an additional fee. Please contact us for other international shipping inquiries.

Connect with an Edge Theory Labs team member to learn more about The Edge Tub and see if it’s right for you! Schedule a time for a virtual demo here.

Pioneers of Portability

As the first company to build a portable, self cooling and self cleaning cold tub, we have done more production runs and support more units in the market than any other portable competitor out there. With over 150 5-Star reviews since April 2022, we maintain the longest and most acclaimed track record of customer satisfaction.

Quality You Can Trust

Our commitment is providing a quality product you can trust. While many other companies offer products that may look similar, mere resemblance and lower prices do not guarantee the same quality and longevity. We don’t cut corners. Rest assured, with Edge you’re getting top of the line quality that is built to last.

World Class Customer Support

Our job doesn’t stop when we ship your tub–it begins. We are a US based company with a full time customer support team. You can always call our support line and speak with a real human. We’ve got your back for the long haul and are committed to supporting you no matter what.

Committed to Your Growth

More than just a tub, we’re a movement dedicated to improving your wellbeing. The cold isn’t just a trend for us, it’s our livelihood. As the only cold tub company with a Scientific Advisory Board, we are leading the charge with science backed practices to transform your health and vitality.

The Future of Recovery and Performance

Engineered for the modern warrior. Flawless functionality meets premiere performance to transform your physical, mental and emotional health.



Lightweight chiller weighs 25% less than our Elite Model and comes on wheels for easy maneuverability. The Tub fits seamlessly into a backpack and set up is quick and easy so you can take it with you on the go - no tools required! Engineered with the same technology as inflatable paddle boards. 



Say goodbye to constantly having to change and refill water. Our 2 step filtration system and non-chlorine based sanitizer keeps the water pure, continually cycling in fresh, clean water.

The Future of Recovery and Performance


No more shopping for bags of ice. Our 0.8 HP horsepower chiller cools water down to 37 degrees in 5 hours. Powerful enough for multiple plunges per session.



Standard 110V electrical connection means you don’t need any professional tools or an electrician to set up. Our wifi enabled chiller allows you to control temperatures remotely and conveniently from your smartphone.

All Features

All Features

The versatile engineering allows you to set up your Edge Tub permanently in your favorite cold plunging location, or take it with you on the go and set it up in just 15 minutes. Designed with the same military grade technology as inflatable paddle boards, the Edge Tub is sturdy and robust.

The Edge Tub is indoor + outdoor compatible with IPX4 weather resistance rating and can operate in ambient temperatures down to 35*F. *We recommend putting the unit under a shelter if placed outside and protecting from freezing during winter weather.

Say goodbye to constantly having to change and refill water. Our 2 step filtration system and non-chlorine based sanitizer keeps the water pure, continually cycling in fresh, clean water.

The Wifi enabled chiller allows you to control temperatures remotely and conveniently, from your smartphone. Customizable programming allows you to change and set temperatures from hot to cold when you want, where you want, just how you like it!

An exclusive community for Edge Tub owners and users to connect, learn and grow together. Get access to live breathing sessions and coaching calls from our world class teachers and industry leading experts. Interact with likeminded people and participate in group challenges and science backed protocols designed to help you reach your goals.

Risk Free Purchase

30 day money back guarantee
If The Edge Tub doesn't completely redefine your recovery routine and you aren’t fully satisfied, we will take it back no questions asked within 30 days.

One Year Warranty

We stand behind the integrity of our product.We offer a manufacturer warranty replacement guarantee for 1 year. See our commercial policy + full warranty details here. If you're interested in additional coverage, we offer a 3 Year Extended Protection Plan through Clyde.

Customer Success

Unlimited access to our best in class customer support team is at the ready to help you. Available through email, text or phone, we are here to support you and help solve and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. (yes we are real humans!)

Elite vs. Legacy

Elite: Our most powerful option. The Elite chiller has 1 HP and cools the water down from ambient temperatures to 37 degrees or heats it up to 105 degrees in less than 3 hours. Necessary for commercial settings. Cold and hot functionality and available in standard or XL Tub size (comfortable full body immersion for individuals up to 7'.) 

Legacy: Our most affordable option. The Legacy chiller has 0.8 HP and cools the water down from ambient temperatures to 37 degrees in 5 hours. The Legacy chiller is lighter and weighs 25% less. Cold functionality only. Available in standard tub size (comfortable full body immersion for individuals up to 6’4.)

If you're a business owner and looking to add The Edge Tub to your offering, please see our commercial package here

 Thousands of High Performers Across the Globe Are Getting the Edge

Dustin H. Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

This tub is above and beyond. I’ll be Edge Family for life. The quality and convenience is perfect. I really appreciate the fact that I had a lot of questions and the rep from Edge was very quick to respond!

Dustin H. Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

Kat M. Encinitas, California

Absolutely LOVE the product! Customer service was the best! The tub was easy to install. We have had nothing but an excellent experience and highly recommend it for those interested in enhancing their health and well being.

Kat M. Encinitas, California

Kelvin E. Cornelius, North Carolina

Hands down the best investment I have made for my health and recovery. My legs feel fresher, I’m mentally more focused, and have much more energy after my morning dip. The Edge Tub is a top tier product and extremely easy to use. Highly recommend this product as you won’t be disappointed!

Kelvin E. Cornelius, North Carolina

Jessica E. Gray, Maine

Overall I really, really love my Edge tub. It was very easy to set-up and I am not someone who is incredibly strong or good at putting things together :). I love that I can move it from inside to outside as I please. I’m really glad I made the investment and would certainly recommend it to others who want to be able to move their tub around but also have something convenient!

Jessica E. Gray, Maine

Tucker B.  Gold Canyon, Arizona

My Edge Tub is AWESOME, gets super cold, reliably chills the water to my preference and it sets up in MINUTES! Rock-solid product, I don’t think there is a more easy-to-set-up and better looking product than this out there on the market.

Tucker B. Gold Canyon, Arizona

Dominick C. Palm Beach, Florida

This is a life changing product, reduces inflammation, boosts immune system and massively increases dopamine. I have researched for over a year, nothing comes close to this product. Joshua and the team personally answer the phone and provide suggestions to fully enjoy the cold bath. Living in Florida this cold tub has handled the summer heat 95 no problem after tennis or workout the tub is cold 45 amazing for recovery.

Dominick C. Palm Beach, Florida

Customer Reviews

Based on 175 reviews
Denise Kochheim

I absolutely love this tub. I am 5"11 got standard size. Maintenance is easy. I cannot say enough good things. Totally worth the money. Videos for support are clutch. Feels Good being in the tub. Spacious. Love the cover. Cooling unit not loud. Feels really sturdy. Great quality! Absolutely in love with it. Key to recovery as a very active person

Jaimie Kemkes
Life Altering

We got our Edge tub a little over a month ago and my only regret is that we didn’t buy it sooner! We did a ton of research and landed on the Edge mainly for its portability but it offers so much more than that! It’s sturdy, easy to set up and maintain, the chiller is amazing and the app is *chef’s kiss*. We felt the benefits immediately and now we look forward to our “afternoon espresso shot” every day! Nicely done, Edge team - thanks for enhancing our lives!

Heath Forde
Edge Elite

I was very much on the fence about purchasing an Ice Bath because of the price, but honestly I don’t regret the purchase at all. Best use of money for recovery I have ever made. I use the ice bath every day after an intense workout, long run, and sprint workout and I really am recovering faster. I also use the hot tub feature every afternoon to loosen up and stretch. It helps me relax and loosen up before going to bed. It’s helped me gain the competitive edge I needed. 10/10 recommend.

Titus Duncan
Great plunge

Honestly can’t complain about anything. Product is as advertised and I use mine daily. Alot of people can’t function without their daily caffeine. I need my plunge! Thanks Edge!

David Jones

Excellent product. Exceeded expectations