The Approach

Afraid of the cold? You’re not alone. Here’s the 3 step approach that will help you learn to love it.

The Warm Up

Chapter 1

The Warm Up

Step next to the tub ready to go in. Notice where your mind may go and how your body may start to react even before getting in the water. Take a deep breath. Literally. Your breath will take you through this. The quality, depth, and focus of your breath will set the tone for the ease of your immersion. Use a few long, deep breaths to relax your body and get to a point of acceptance rather than fight. Embrace the suck that’s about to happen, and remember why you are doing this.

Think of this like an active warmup before a workout. 

Chapter 2

The Practice

Step into the tub, take a deep breath in, and on your exhale lower yourself all the way in until you are sitting on the bottom. The shock of the cold water will likely take your breath away, and the first few seconds are the hardest. Focus on taking a few strong and long exhales making a “shhh” sound to catch your breath. Then shift to deep inhales through the nose and long and slow exhales out. This helps our body to relax, taking control and leaning into even the most stressful situations.

Think of this like your workout or practice.
Allow it to be your meditation. 

The Practice
The Cool Down

Chapter 3

The Cool Down

Step out of the tub and keep breathing. Fight the urge to quickly grab your towel. Giving yourself a few moments to let your body readjust naturally will help you return to balance much quicker with less shivers. Take a few body weight squats and any movement that feels good to start to bring blood flow back to your arms and legs. This is where the benefit truly happens so stay present with any sensations you may be feeling. Enjoy the edge you now have and go crush the day!

Think of this like the cool down period after a long run. 

What People Are Saying

"Using the breathing exercises and mindfulness going into the ice bath, I can see my fear of the cold slowly fading and my body becoming excited for recovery. I love The Edge Tub because it is comfortable and allows me to set my mind at ease where I am!"

Danae, D1 Collegiate Track and Field Athlete

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