Edge Theory Labs began with a lofty goal: crossing the finish line of our first full Ironman Triathlon. While looking for an edge to optimize our recovery and performance, we discovered the power of cold water immersion. After experiencing the incredible physical and mental benefits of daily ice baths, we became hooked on the cold and longed for a practical at-home solution.

We were shocked to see that our options were either hacking a chest freezer which would require a lot of maintenance or buying a $15,000 tub that we could never fit into our homes (or budgets). 

Driven by our passion to share this secret weapon with high performers everywhere, we embarked on a cousin project to build a better no-ice-required cold tub in Rob's garage. Two years of relentless research, development, prototyping, and testing led to the birth of The Edge Tub…and with it, a mission is to empower people to unlock their full human potential.

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Our Values

The Edge Philosophy is built on the idea that by embodying these core tenets, we can live our Personal Best in everything that we do.

Go All In.

Go All In.

Whatever you are doing, do it. We believe in giving your 100% into whatever endeavor you’re pursuing. Be decisive – sit or stand, don’t wobble!

Step Out.

Step Out.

Everything we want is one step outside of your comfort zone. We believe in constantly putting yourself in environments that push you. Get comfortable being uncomfortable!

Take Care of Yourself.

Take Care of Yourself.

There is strength in recovery. We believe in making it a priority to recharge your mind, body, and spirit. Self care comes first!

Enjoy The Journey.

Enjoy The Journey.

Progress is incremental. We believe in setting audacious goals AND also enjoying the journey along the way. Hold yourself to a higher standard and celebrate the wins!

Life is a Team Sport.

Life is a Team Sport.

Friend power is stronger than willpower. We believe that It’s a lot easier to push yourself when you are part of a team. If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together!

Meet The Edge Team

Various backgrounds and perspectives. One collective goal to change the world through the power of the cold.

Joshua Church

Joshua Church


Joshua focuses on marketing, community, and sales. He also gives Rob gray hairs. When he’s not working he’s probably somewhere barefoot in nature screaming with enthusiasm for being alive.

Favorite song to cold plunge to:  Cellular Upgrade – We Saw Lions Remix 

Rob Church

Rob Church


You can catch Rob jamming to heavy metal in his headphones while deep in spreadsheets working on operations, finances, product, and admin. When he’s not working he’s crushing a long bike ride, run, or swim.

Favorite song to cold plunge to:  All of the Lights - Kanye

Cat Davis

Cat Davis

Director of Marketing

Cat is a founding team member and the brilliant mind that has built the Edge Theory Labs’ brand. When she’s not working, she’s likely eating GF pancakes at Goodonya Cafe after a surf sesh.

Fav song to cold plunge to: I’m Not Dead Yet - Mike Posner

TJ Parcells

TJ Parcells

Director of Operations

TJ heads up operations, procurement, and product development. He’s also our in house feng shui specialist. When he’s not working, he’s probably practicing his mandarin while tinkering on mountain bikes.  

Favorite song to cold plunge toDesert Song - Edward Sharp

Chad Sonkin

Chad Sonkin

Director of Business Development

Chad is our in-house energizer bunny. He heads up sales and business development, bringing the absolute heat every single day. When he’s not on phone calls there’s a 99% chance he’s either playing basketball or actually in his Edge Tub.

Favorite song to cold plunge to: Cinderella Man -  Eminem

Nikita Colomatin

Nikita Colomatin

Digital Operations Specialist 

Nikita is our in-house magician when it comes to making back end systems, processes, and automations work. His fingerprints are all over Edge Theory Labs! When he’s not working, he’s traveling or learning a new skill of some kind.

Favorite song to cold plunge to: Unconditional - Sonny Fodera

Jake Heilbrunn

Jake Heilbrunn

Copywriter + Brand Strategist

Jake is a samurai with words, working with Cat to craft creative copy across all of our content channels. When he’s not wordsmithing, he’s catching frothy waves in San Diego or Costa Rica. 

Favorite song to cold plunge to: Brighter - RÜFÜS DU SOL

Douglas Beckman

Douglas Beckman

Leader of Customer Success

When in doubt, ask Doug! Doug is a wizard at helping people navigate any situations with their Edge Tub. When he’s not on the phone with a customer, he’s most likely winning a golf tournament.

Favorite song to cold plunge to: Zunya - Cactus to the Clouds

Tyler Nelson

Tyler Nelson


Tyler captures the Edge heartbeat to create the most compelling stories and is our in-house fashion guru! When not behind a camera he's watching films that have yet to hit main stream or is adding to his hat collection.

Favorite song to cold plunge to: Clearest Blue - Chvrches

Laura Rivero

Laura Rivero

Customer Support Specialist 

Laura helps with customer support and brings her bright smile and energy to each interaction. When she’s not working, she is definitely watching a Disney movie of some kind.

Favorite song to cold plunge to: No Importa La Distancia (Go The Distance) - Ricky Martin

Jack Macfarlane

Jack Macfarlane

Operations Coordinator

Jack is the glue that holds us together. He is always tackling our warehouse hurdles with a smile on his face. When not logging items into Airtable, he is playing in a pickup game, at a concert, or shredding on the mountain.

Favorite song to cold plunge to:
African Giant - Burna Boy

Edge Theory Labs was born ...

With a 2.6 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, followed by a 26.2 mile run.

It was a goal that seemed so far out, it was laughable.

After our first, much shorter distance triathlon, we couldn’t comprehend how someone could actually do that, let alone why they would want to. But the challenge had an allure.

As cousins, we spent our weekends and free time planning the next adventure. Whether it was climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or running a triathlon, we became obsessed with pushing the edge - that’s where we found the deepest challenge, growth, fulfillment, and joy.

We had caught the bug.

As we were deep within the throws of training...

Joshua went on an expedition in Iceland where he explored the Wim Hof Method and took a deep dive into the power of practices like breathwork and cold water immersion.

He returned from his trip hooked on the power of the cold, and together we started doing ice baths regularly after training sessions and began seeing incredible results.

It not only provided us immediate relief finishing a tough workout, but it shaved off DAYS of our recovery, allowing us to hit the next day’s workout even harder.

And the results didn’t just stop at physical performance…

We were both experiencing more energy, sharper focus, and a vibrancy of aliveness. We quickly became addicted to our daily ice baths, whether training or not.

Just as quickly, however, raiding the 7-11 freezer for bags of ice daily was not sustainable.

We went online to see how much it would cost to buy something a bit more permanent – a cold tub that could keep our water cold and clean without a hassle.

And we were absolutely shocked to see the lack of options available.

At the time, the only tubs available were all north of $10,000, some ranging up as high as $20,000.

And even if we splurged and spent all our savings, it would have been a massive, heavy fixed wall tub that would become a liability any time we moved and limited how we wanted to use it.

The next best option was hacking a deep cycle chest freezer - certainly a more affordable solution.

But after doing research and realizing how heavy of a lift it would be to set up properly and maintain by changing out the water frequently (AND the risk of getting electrocuted) Rob wisely ruled that one out.

Fueled by our desire to create a practical solution for ourselves, we began a fun cousin project to build a DIY tub in Rob’s garage.

We turned to Rob’s engineering and tinkering skills, hacked aquarium chillers, above-ground pool equipment, and a rubber tub to make something work.

We called it The Frankenstein.

It wasn’t pretty, but it did the job for the time being.

On one hand, we were relieved to stop buying so much ice and wasting so much plastic.

On the other hand, The Frankenstein was loud, bulky, difficult to use, and broke down often.

So we kept tinkering and continuously made it better bit by bit.

As we started inviting our friends and other high performers to use our tub, we saw them getting hooked just like us. Our passion to share these incredible benefits with more and more people grew.

We felt that we had uncovered this secret weapon for athletes and high performers.

Our friends kept asking us if they could pay us to build one for them….that’s when we realized there might be an opportunity. 

We went back to the drawing board and sought to make some major improvements.

We wanted to design a product that we would feel confident bringing to market.

All we wanted was a cold tub that…

  • was actually designed for human use (not a freezer, horse trough, or fancy trash can)
  • was powerful, that could be kept cold without needing to add ice and stay cold even with frequent usage
  • was always clean without harsh chemicals or having to drain and refill every few days
  • was easy to setup and didn’t require special tools, plumbing, or electric
  • was portable so we could set it up on my apartment balcony and take with us to races and events
  • didn’t cost tens of thousands of dollars

A lofty goal.

We spent 2 years of research, development, prototyping, and testing on the side of both of our full time jobs.

We wanted to make something that was top of the line, a premium product, and deliver it at an industry disrupting price.

Many ice baths and iterations later, we felt confident with the product we had built and were ready to share it with the world.

The Edge Tub was born.

And with it, a mission to help people unlock their maximum human potential – to stress less and achieve more.

Both of us were working full time jobs that we enjoyed, making great money, and thought we would enjoy this as a passion project / side hustle that maybe one day in the future could lead to a full time job.

So we thought…

Humbled by the reception, it seemed that the solution we provided was greatly needed.

We saw incredible proof of concept right out of the gate and quickly had some of the top athletes, teams, doctors, and trainers in the world wanting to get their hands on a tub.

Within 3 months of launching the company, we both quit our full time jobs to give Edge Theory Labs the focus and attention it deserved to really achieve lift-off.

We started building the dream team of people to help us bring this product and vision to the world.

So far, we’ve been able to impact and reach thousands of high performers, as well as built a stellar community we like to call The Edge Fam.

See for us, it’s about more than just a tub.

(Of course each tub is top of the line quality you can trust, backed by our Edge Promise top-tier customer support team standing by to assist).

But it’s more than that. Each tub that someone buys is an opportunity for them to change their life the same way we did.

It’s an investment in their longevity. A ticket to a faster recovery, healthier body, and stronger mind.

But it takes work. Education. Guidance. Accountability. Community.

You’ve got to punch that ticket.

And that’s what we’re really doing here to help you do.

We believe that greatness happens at the edge of your comfort zone and we want to give you the tools that give you the edge. The edge on your performance, on your recovery, on winning the day.

So whatever edge you are pushing towards, whatever lofty goals you aspire to achieve – KEEP GOING.

Because what if everything you want is just one step outside of your comfort zone?

Take the step.

You got this, and we got you.

Go all in.