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Product Specifications

The Edge Tub utilizes the same material as inflatable stand up paddle boards and inflatable boats. It is built to support your full body weight on the edges with no problem. Most people don’t even realize it is inflatable when using it because it is so solid!

Yes, we pride ourselves with best-in-class customer support with a full time customer support team accessible via email and phone support. You can call in our support number and talk to a real human! You can view our support dashboard here.

When packed away in the carrying backpack, the standard Edge Tub weighs 22 lbs and the XL Edge tub weighs 28 lbs. The Edge Tub Legacy Chiller weighs 59lbs and The Edge Tub Elite weights 78lbs (both have wheels for easy transport). When inflated and full with water, the standard Edge Tub holds roughly 80 gallons, weighing in at a total of about 690lbs. The XL Edge Tub holds roughly 130 gallons, weighing in at about 1,100lbs.
Both Legacy and Elite Chillers require a standard US 120v/60hz power supply on a 15 amp circuit. We recommend that this circuit be dedicated for The Edge Tub as it may trip the circuit breaker if shared with other large appliances such as a refrigerator. The Chiller is NOT multi-voltage and cannot be used in countries that do not supply 120v/60hz power.

The Edge Tub Elite can chill the water as cold as 37°F and heat as high as 104°F, cooling or heating at a rate of 10-12°F/hr. The Edge Tub Legacy can chill the water as cold as 37°F, at a rate of 5-8°F/hr.

The Edge Tub Elite and The Edge Tub Legacy can both operate in ambient temperatures as high as 113°F and as low as 35°F. It is not recommended that the Chiller operate in conditions below 35°F as the unit would be at risk of freezing and may cause severe damage. Our warranty does not cover damage due to use in conditions outside of this operating range.
The Edge Tub is indoor or outdoor compatible with IPX4 weather resistance rating and can operate in ambient temperatures down to 35°F. We recommend putting the unit under a shelter if placed outside to protect from direct sunlight and elements, and also protecting from freezing during winter weather.
The Edge Tub Elite uses a 1HP commercial grade compressor to chill water 4x faster than most other cold tubs. Actual cool down time will depend on the starting water temperature and ambient air temperature. In our testing, we have found that The Elite Chiller will cool the water at a rate of about 10-12°F per hour or heat at a rate of 12-15°F per hour. If your starting water temperature is 65°F, this means that the water will cool to sub-40°F or above 100°F in about 2.5 hours. If desired, the cool down process can be sped up by adding ice while filling the tub with water. The Edge Tub Legacy uses a .8HP compressor to chill the water at a rate of 5-8°F/hr *testing for the above rates were done at ambient temp of 65°F
We define fitting full immersion as being able to submerge up to your neck with your arms and legs fully under water. The interior dimensions of the standard tub is 45.5" (L) x 25.5" (W) x 24.125" (H) which is big enough to fit 6'3–6'4 full immersion. The interior dimensions of the XL tub is 56.5" (L) x 30.5 (W)" x 25.8125" (H) which is big enough to fit a 7'0 person full immersion or two people comfortably. The dimensions of The Edge Tub Legacy Chiller is: 24” (L) x 11” (W) x 17.75” (H), while The Edge Tub Elite Chiller is: 26” (L) x 13” (W) x 20.5” (H)
Yes! Once set up on a 2.4 ghz WiFi network, the Chiller's settings can be operated remotely via the Tuya Smart application on your smartphone. This includes customizable programming that allows the tub to turn on and off at preprogrammed times (or if you have The Edge Tub Elite, change from cold to hot mode so you can take a cold plunge in the morning, and hot tub in the evening!)
UV and Ozone on their own are insufficient to ensure that the water in the tub remains clean and clear. They can extend how long the water lasts for before needing to be changed, but cannot replace a sanitizer system. This is why we chose a non-chlorine based EPA-approved sanitizer to give you peace of mind that your water is safe.
Yes, The Edge Tub can be placed outside! The Chiller is IPX4 certified meaning that it can handle dusty environments and light water sprays. However, the unit’s efficiency will decrease if the tub is placed in direct sunlight and the longevity of all components will increase if they are placed under a shelter.
The compressor in The Edge Tub Legacy and Elite is between 2-4x as powerful as the competition. We wanted to ensure that the water can be cooled in nearly every environment. It wouldn’t be truly portable if it didn’t cool water FAST!
The amount of electricity that The Edge Tub uses is very dependent on the ambient temperature, the set point of the water temperature, if it is placed in direct sunlight, and how often it is changed from cold to hot or vice versa, and local electricity rates. In addition, the unit is capable of being programmed to minimize the amount of time it is at the coldest (or hottest) temperature which saves significant energy consumption. In general, we expect costs to be less than $1 per day.
Most of the time, when the water is in the desired range, The Chiller does not need to run and the unit is nearly silent. When cooling or heating the water, the fan on The Edge Tub Elite creates about the same amount of noise as a window AC unit, or roughly 65 decibels at 3 feet. The fan on The Edge Tub Legacy is roughly 20% quieter.
The maximum recommended pressure is 10 PSI. Filling past 10 PSI will void the warranty and may cause irreparable damage to the Tub. Using the included dual-action manual air pump it takes roughly 2-3 minutes to inflate The Edge Tub Legacy and 3-5 minutes to inflate The Edge Tub Elite. Using the electric airpump it takes roughly 4 minutes for Legacy and 6 minutes for Elite.
Yes! Our tub is Prop 65 compliant.


We offer a 1 year warranty on both The Edge Tub Legacy and The Edge Tub Elite and their peripherals against manufacturing defects and other issues associated with normal product use. Our warranty for Commercial use is 1 year, only when purchased with through The Edge Tub Elite Commercial Package. This warranty does not cover wear-and-tear or abuse of the product. If you have an issue, please first visit our support dashboard here. View our Warranty Policy here.

If you have a custom request, please send us a message to and we will respond with your regarding your specific needs!

If you would like to purchase multiple units (3 or more), please send us a message to, and we will respond regarding your specific needs!
If the standard warranty period has elapsed, and something goes wrong, please send us a message and we will work with you on repairing any damaged components to get you up and running ASAP.

We offer a 30 day return window during which The Edge Tub may be returned for a full refund (net return shipping costs) for any reason. The product must be received in like-new condition without damage for a refund credit to be issued. View our Refund/Return Policy here.

The Edge Tub Elite comes equipped with a commercial grade compressor that can handle near-constant use in most circumstances. If used in a commercial setting, the water maintenance protocol will change and filters will need to be cleaned and changed more regularly. We also offer products that help facilitate use of The Edge Tub in commercial settings, so you can reach out to us at and a team member will support. The Edge Tub Legacy is for residential use only and not designed for high volume commercial usage. Please note that you must purchase The Edge Tub Elite – Commercial Package to qualify for the commercial warranty.

We only ship to North America currently, but may be expanding to other countries soon. Please email in with your request.

Compared to The Plunge's base model, our Edge Tub Legacy has triple the power, chills the water faster and gets to a lower temperature (37°F), and has a larger tub that can be portable – all for $500 less. Compared to The Plunge Pro XL model ($7,990), our Edge Tub Elite ($5,490) has the same 1HP commercial grade compressor, built in hot mode, lower min temp (37°F), and larger interior dimensions (to fit up to 7'0 athlete). We also have a dedicated customer support team access via phone, text, and email support. All users also get access to our LEDGENDS Circle Community app for guided immersions, educational resources, and live breathwork sessions.
Cheaper options are going to be just that – cheaper. We pride ourselves on creating a high quality product that is built to last, and stand behind it with a comprehensive warranty, a full time customer service team, and the community and resources to support you fully. DIY options can be great for beginners, however the high maintenance, need for constant ice and lack of customer support/warranty is not practical as a long term solution for daily cold water immersion.

The Edge Tub Elite is our most powerful option, offering hot + cold functionality and is available in our standard and XL tub size. With a 1 HP chiller, it cools water down to 37 degrees or heats it up to 104 degrees in less than 2.5 hours. The Edge Tub Legacy is our most affordable option, with a lighter chiller, cold functionality only and is available in our standard tub size. The Legacy chiller has 0.8 HP and cools the water down to 37 degrees in 5 hours.

The Edge Tub Elite - (commercial grade 1 HP compressor, hot + cold functionality, +XL Tub that allows for full body immersion up to 7'0) - Carrying backpack for The Tub - 2x sanitizer kits (with extra filters) - Protection mat for tub Dedicated support - Dedicated account manager and customer support access - 1-year comprehensive commercial warranty - Included virtual onboarding / staff training - Consultation call with our Director of Coaching and Performance on Cold Water Immersion and breathwork protocols Become an Edge Business Partner - Join our affiliate program, offer a discount and earn commission - Digital asset folder to promote the Edge Tub (including window decals, takeaway cards for front desk, benefits posters, etc.) - Ability to be featured across Edge Theory Lab’s channels (website, email, social media) - QR code for 3 recorded audio files for guided immersions

The lead time may vary depending on which product you choose. For up to date lead times, please view The Edge Tub Legacy and The Edge Tub Elite product pages.


The Edge Tub is shipped in 3 boxes via UPS or FedEx Ground right to your door. One box contains the Tub, one box contains the Chiller, and one box contains the initial sanitizer kit. Please note that you must have someone present to sign for the Chiller upon delivery. View our Shipping Policy.

The Chiller should always remain in its normal upright position (handles up). If The Chiller has been on its side or in any other position, it should be left upright for 12 hours before use. We recommend ensuring that all components are dry/drained before putting away for transportation. If shipping The Edge Tub, care should be taken to ensure that proper packaging is surrounding The Chiller to absorb shocks or impacts. You can view our complete takedown and packaging process here.

You can fly with The Edge Tub - tub only, no problem. However, flying with the Chiller is possible but it is considered an overweight item and can be difficult to protect appropriately. With the proper protective packaging, the Chiller exceeds the maximum weight of checked luggage. We recommend the safer, cheaper option of shipping via FedEx or UPS if you desire to air travel with it.


Water maintenance is a breeze with our built in 2-step water filtration system and non-chlorine based sanitizer. The Edge Tub has an external strainer to catch any hair, lint, or debris from entering the unit, and a 20 micron filter for extra purification. Adding Oxidizer weekly and Sanitizer as needed ensures the water will stay clear and sanitary. The high-flow water pump also circulates 100% of the water every 15-25 minutes.

There is a once per week maintenance step that takes less than 5 minutes. This is allows you to keep the unit running optimally and the water clean and clear. We recommend setting a calendar event or reminder for a day of the week that works well for you. You can view the full step by step video here.

This depends on three factors: how many people are using the tub, how often, and how well you are keeping up with weekly water maintenance. For most users plunging 1-2x/day in a residential setting who keep up with their sanitation, the water can last for months and months on end. We recommend draining, cleaning the tub, and refilling it roughly every 3 months, or as needed.

Product Use

We designed all components of The Edge Tub to make setup and takedown quick and easy. No tools are required; simply inflate the Tub with air, connect the hoses to the Chiller and plug power cord in to a standard outlet, and fill with water. Takedown is just these steps in reverse! On average, this takes 15-20 minutes for setup or takedown depending on your water pressure for filling. Detailed setup and takedown instructions and videos can be found here.

The Edge Tub can be drained through a few different ways, depending on your setup. If outdoors, you can simply open the valves on the tub and let the water drain out. If you want to direct the water flow somewhere nearby, you can use the Chiller hose to direct the water to drain. If you are indoors or want to empty to a drain somewhere further away, we recommend connecting a Submersible Pump to a garden hose and dropping in the tub so you can drain to your desired location. Detailed instructions can be found here.

The short answer is, it depends! It depends on your experience, your cold exposure tolerance, and your specific goals. In general, we encourage new users to start at 57°F for 2-3min as that temperature is considered cold water immersion where many studies have been conducted at. From there, you may work your way down gradually in temperature as you increase duration. We have a community space where our Director of Coaching and Performance assists individuals with protocols, guidance, resources, and coaching.

If you are pregnant, think you may be pregnant, have cardiovascular disease, or epilepsey, you should not partake in cold water immersion. If you have any other preexisting medical conditions, please consult with your physician prior to use.

Ice baths have long been viewed as an optimal recovery tool for decreasing inflammaton and muscle soreness, so many people take an ice bath immediately after workout. Depending on the type of workout, some people like to wait several hours before going in. Also, some people like to utilize it before a workout. Some people also enjoy ice bath first thing in the morning for building momentum, resilience, and wakefulness. It really comes down to preference. In our LEDGENDS Circle community space, we explore different use cases and methods for ice baths.

The Edge Tub is made of a military grade drop-stitch fabric which is designed to have very minimal air leakage. The tub may need to be topped up with air once every few months depending on local conditions, and can be done so with the provided hand pump even if water is in the tub.

Research suggests that we can receive the benefits of cold shock activation in temperatures of 68°F. Most of the popular studies in the space were conducted at 14°C or 57°F, so we recommend starting there and bringing it down based on preference and adaptation. Anything in that zone, rest assured you are getting the incredible benefits of cold water immerson!

Yes – the Edge Tub can be used without the Chiller if you want to use with ice.

Cold Water Immersion (CWI) and Cryotherapy are both forms of cold exposure, though they differ in a few key ways. Cryo works by super chilling the air in the chamber using a gas such as liquid nitrogen whereas CWI uses just water. Because water is a better conduit of heat than air, the effect is that CWI has a significantly faster impact on the body than Cryo. Additionally, with CWI you are able to get your hands, feet, and head under the water for important benefits, whereas with Cryo, your hands, feet, and head are covered. With CWI you are also receiving various benefits of hydro-therapy that water immersion brings. Cryotherapy is typically done in a studio setting and requires very expensive equipment, whereas CWI you can do at your home or in nature.

Unfortunatley epsom salts and other additives are not recommended as they are corrosovie and would damage the heat exchanger in the Chiller.

Yes! Many Edge Tub users love using their Edge Tub on their balcony. It is important to check with your building or your blueprints to verify the load rating. Balconies are normally load-rated to at least 50-100lbs per square foot. The Edge Tub Legacy weighs approximately 750 lbs with Chiller (58 lb/sq ft) and The Edge Tub Elite weights approximately 1,200 lbs with Chiller (70 lb/sq ft). To fill up, there are two recommended ways. You can either use a faucet to garden hose adapter to attach a garden hose to your sink faucet and fill up via your sink. You can also purchase a Submersible pump and attach a garden hose to the pump and drop it into your bathtub to fill up that way. To drain, we recommend utilizing the Submersible pump to drain through your tub or sink indoors.

Absolutely. Many of our Edge Tub users keep it in one place and don't utilize the portability. When inflated, the tub is so durable that most people won't realize that it is inflatable. The benefit of portability can come into play if you ever decide you want to move it to a different location in your home, you move homes, or decide one day you'd like to take it with you for a trip.