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The ice bath trusted by professional gyms, spas, athletes, teams, doctors and trainers across the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC and Olympic Games 

What's Inside:

The Business Expense You Get to Enjoy AND Use to Increase Your Revenue

In addition to satisfying your members and improving client retention, The Edge Tub opens you up to new opportunities, additional income streams, and acquiring new clients.

Plus, you get to personally enjoy The Edge Tub and reap the tremendous health, energy and performance benefits!

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"I purchased the Edge Tub as a turnkey solution to offer cold water immersion to my clients. Now I generate about 5-10 more clients each month from people finding my spa by searching 'cold tub near me.'”

David Perez at Hydrate Spa in Encinitas, CA

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Boost Your Bottomline

There are numerous ways to charge for the amenity of a cold tub. 

We’ll break down the different options so you can determine which strategy is best for your business. Each of these monetization structures are successfully being used by Edge Business Partners across the country.

✅ Pay per session (cold tub only)

✅ Pay per session (contrast therapy)

✅ Increase membership fees

Host breathwork workshops, fire & ice contrast therapy sessions, cold plunge challenges and more.

"The Edge Tub helped me directly increase our revenue at our fitness studio. By adding just one tub, we were able to increase our membership by $15 per session and added an additional $9k in membership fees alone."

Sage and High Vibe Holistic in Solana Beach, CA

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Learn About Cold Water Immersion

Confidently guide members through a cold water immersion experience and empower them to get the most out of their recovery.

Access to our Cold Water Immersion 101 Course

Our 5 part video series guides you to embrace the cold with confidence. Learn the science-backed techniques to transform your energy, health, performance, and recovery. 

The Warm Up
The Warm Up

"We are so happy we chose Edge Theory Labs! Less plastic waste buying ice, less wasting water, and can provide the best cold plunge experience every day!

The set up is portable which allow us to do events, and great for in-studio use next to our Infrared Sauna. The water stays crystal clear using a chlorine free oxidizer and sanitizer! The chiller unit has a 2 part filter and the temperature can be controlled via phone app at the click of a button 37 degrees to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

We are in the works in purchasing our second Edge Theory Labs set up. If you’re considering buying I’d take the leap and go for it!"

Kinsey and Lou Swanepoel at Garden Island Wellness, Kauai HI

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Position Your Business for Success

The Cold Tub Market is projected to grow to over $400 million by 2030. As the demand for cold plunging is rising exponentially, future gyms, studios and spas are utilizing cold tubs to get more clients and satisfy their members. 

Get ahead and capitalize on the growing market demand. Position your gym/studio/spa for success by adding a state of the art Edge Tub for your members!

Why The Edge Tub?

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Competitive advantage

A 1HP compressor is essential for a commercially viable cold tub. Our tub is $3k less expensive than any other 1HP option on the market.

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