Meet our Ambassadors


 Los Angeles, CA 

Breia has been a dedicated practitioner of breathwork and cold immersion since 2013. After receiving certification in Kundalini Yoga and Level 4 Pranayama Two-Stage Breath technique, she expanded her knowledge by learning directly from masters in the Himalayas and Wim Hof in Poland. Her ultimate goal is to share all she has learned from her training and empower others to create more days of feeling healthy, happy and strong. 

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New York, NY

Lauren Schramm, global Nike trainer and founder of the Ice Cold Club, believes that finding what you enjoy is the key to keeping consistent with your fitness and wellness practices. With over a decade of experience in the NYC fitness industry, Lauren is passionate about streamlining practices in order to create accessibility and ensure the small changes add up to make a big impact.

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 Newport Beach, CA

Marcus Bradley is a personal trainer and certified Wim Hof Instructor located in Newport Beach, California. With a background as a division one college basketball player, Marcus knows what it takes to perform at a high level and what work ethic is required to accomplish goals. Studying under Wim Hof himself in Poland, Marcus has helped hundreds of people connect deeper within themselves and find comfort in discomfort.

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Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Jeremy Martens is a professional trainer and the Director of Fitness at a private yacht club in Fort Lauderdale. He has dedicated his life to helping clients and friends achieve their goals and is passionate about sharing the practice of cold water immersion. Although living in one of the warmest climates in the United States, Jeremy is committed to the cold and spreading the gift to others as a vehicle to boost vitality, health and wellness. As he says, “cold = life!” 

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Orlando, FL

Eric Brown is an entrepreneur, certified yoga teacher, and Tony Robbins environment leader who is passionate about living a healthy, active lifestyle and helping others do the same. He is the founder of "The Cold Experiment", a community-oriented, science-based approach to breathwork and cold water immersion. With his fun, interactive, and mental-health focused experiences, he hosts events all over the state of Florida. Eric is currently in the process of becoming a certified Wim Hof & Oxygen Advantage Instructor to further his expertise in the field.

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Denver, CO

Amy is a licensed therapist and coach based in Denver, Colorado. Amy is fascinated by the intersection of mental health and physical fitness so her workshops focus intently on teaching how powerful it is to regulate the nervous system and teach your body to move into a state of calm. She was introduced to the practice of contrast therapy by becoming one of the first XPT Life coaches in 2018 and hasn’t stopped coaching people to get into the cold since.


Aryan Davani

Los Angeles, CA

Aryan is a serial entrepreneur and certified Edge ambassador, residing in Venice Beach, CA. He is the Founder/CEO of IcePass, an LA based startup making cold plunging, breathwork, and contrast therapy accessible and affordable to thousands in LA. In his free time, Aryan enjoys playing basketball, comedy shows, and spending time on the beach with his Frenchie (named after Alan Watts).


Danah Van Reuth

San Diego, CA

Danah is a health and wellness enthusiast who owns multiple F45 Training gyms, and also leads breathwork & cold immersion workshops at various locations throughout San Diego. She is the leader of the group “Women Entrepreneurs of San Diego”, and is passionate about helping people realize & reach their potential in all aspects of life!


Rachel Lee

Boston, MA

Rachel Lee is a preventative women’s health coach who strives to teach self-compassion, body esteem, intuitive eating, and exercise for longevity to women of all ages. As the founder of YOU Women's Wellness, Rachel spent years researching the relationship between menstrual cycles and strength training, and is the creator of Cycle Aligned Progressive Overload (TM). Rachel discovered the benefits of ice baths in her own mental health journey and is passionate about sharing its mental and physical benefits with the Boston community.


Avi Greenberg

Miami, FL

Avi Greenberg is a Certified Wim Hof Instructor and functional breath-work coach. His work comes to life through group workshops and private training, all through the foundational element of breathing and techniques that redefine our relationship to stress. Based in Miami, Florida Avi is internationally recognized and has expanded his training under masters such as Kasper van der Meulen and Brian McKenzie.