Sanitizer Kit
Sanitizer Kit

Sanitizer Kit

$ 2,805.00

Our kit includes supplies necessary to keep your water crystal clear for 4 months at residential use levels*.

We utilize the Sirona™ Simply product line for a bromine-free, chlorine-free solution designed to keep water sparkling clear and sanitary, with no chlorine odor or dry skin. Our kit works regardless if you are using your Edge Tub at 37*F or 107*F or anywhere in between. Sirona’s Oxidizer breaks down organics such as body oils while the EPA-regulated Sanitizer provides excellent bacteria control as well as protects against staining and discoloration due to metals.

What’s included with The Edge Tub

(in addition to your inflatable tub and chiller unit)

Competitive advantage

When it comes to buying an at-home cold tub, The Edge Tub is the most affordable with the most amount of functionality.

The 1 HP compressor cools down water up to 4x more quickly than the competition and holds temperature with ease even during constant use. Factor in the 15 minute setup/takedown time, portability, and ability to heat and The Edge Tub stands in a league of its own.

The Approach

Afraid of the cold? You’re not alone. Here’s the 3 step approach that will help you learn to love it.

  • Chapter 1:  Think of this like an active warmup before a workout. Focus your mind and body with a few deep breaths before stepping into the tub.
  • Chapter 2:  Think of this like your workout or practice. Deep inhales through your nose and slow exhales will help you relax into the intensity of the cold.
  • Chapter 3:  Think of this like the cool down after a long run. Stay focused on your breath when you get out of the tub and introduce some gentle movements to reacclimate.

How To Set Up Your Edge Tube

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What People Are Saying

"After about a month of consistently using The Edge Tub, my body has reached new levels of recovery and I am nearly pain free. I sleep better than I have in 20 years and I can honestly say that I’m addicted to cold immersion therapy and the benefits I reap from it.

The convenience, portability, and ability to control the exact temperature makes The Edge Tub elite and second to none. Not only has it become a part of my lifestyle, but I have introduced it to my family and four kids, who all play sports at a highly competitive level."

Kimberly Meier, Former College Athlete, Mom of 4


Why choose us


If The Edge Tub doesn't completely redefine your recovery routine, we will take it back no questions asked.

1 year

We stand behind the integrity of our product and offer a warranty replacement guarantee for 1 year. See our full warranty details here.

Built for athletes by athletes

Built to take with you wherever adventure calls. All you need is water and power for recovery anywhere.




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