Afraid of the cold? You’re not alone. Here’s the 5 step approach that will help you learn to love it.

We're going to dig into...

🔬 The Science Behind Cold Water Immersion

🧊  How To Get Into The Cold (..and feel good!)

🌡️ How Long, How Cold and When Best To Do Cold Immersion

🧘❄️ AND BONUS Guided Breathing Session With Our Certified Instructor!


What's inside:

The Warm Up

Lesson 1

Why The Cold?

There’s a lot of hype around the cold right now. Chances are you’ve probably seen it all over of your social media feed. In Lesson 1, we’ll look to the science and research to understand why everyone and their mother are taking ice baths, and why you may want to care!

The Warm Up

Lesson 2

Approaching The Cold

We all have a relationship with the cold. Most of us don’t have a great one, to put it lightly. Maybe you have PTSD from ice baths post-practice in your athletic days, maybe you were told you would catch a cold from being out in the cold. In Lesson 2, we’ll dig into how you can approach the cold and build a better relationship with it.

The Warm Up

Lesson 3

How To Get Into The Cold

Jumping into freezing cold water (or a cold shower) is not an easy thing. In Lesson 3, we’ll teach you the 3-step approach that we’ve used to guide HUNDREDS of people through the cold. From pro-athletes to 70 year old grandmothers and everyone in between, this framework is a game changer

The Warm Up

Lesson 4

Time, Temperature and Goal

A question you probably are asking yourself – “how long should I stay in the cold water for? At what temperature?” Well the honest answer is – it depends! In Lesson 4, we’ll explore a goal-oriented approach to cold water immersion and the best place to introduce it into your daily routine (even if you don’t have a cold tub).

The Cool Down


Guided Breathing Journey
With Sam Whiting

Join our Director of Performance and Coaching here at Edge Theory Labs, Samuel Whiting as he leads you through a guided breathing session so you can explore the powerful tool of breathwork, and experiment with how it enhances your cold exposure practice

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